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Timely - Reliable - Thorough

Markley Investigations is my go to whenever I have an issue I need resolved in a fast and thorough manner. These guys are absolute professionals, and exceedingly reasonable in price for the quality of work that they do. I cannot recommend them enough.

Attorney Seth Mangold, Rockford, IL

My name is Michael Shannon Murphy, and I am a criminal defense attorney, who has been practicing in Southern Wisconsin for, approximately, 15 years. During that time, I have worked with Markley Investigations on a number of cases. I have found them to be efficient, thorough and always professional.

Recently, Markley Investigations was instrumental in tracking down and serving a number of individuals who were required to testify in the state of Wisconsin versus Jacob Davenport. Many of these witnesses were unwilling to allow themselves to be served, but Markley Investigations, nonetheless, got the job done. Additionally, Markley Investigations took a number of statements that were relied upon at trial. Their work contributed to an effective defense that resulted in an acquittal on a charge of first-degree intentional homicide.

I continue to work with Markley Investigations, in a number of criminal cases, where I need their expertise to better serve my clients. I would recommend their services to any criminal defense attorney who practices in Souther Wisconsin.

Attorney Michael Shannon Murphy, Janesville, WI

I rely heavily on John Markley to investigate client's cases right out of the box. John's long law enforcement experience, on the local, county, state and federal level, on top of his street savvy and his ability to talk to witnesses with courtesy and dignity, makes him invaluable to my success in defending those accused of crimes.

Attorney Christopher T. Van Wagner, Madison, WI

I am a criminal defense lawyer specializing in federal criminal matters. I have been using Markley Investigations exclusively for the last five years and the investigators there have consistently delivered the evidence I needed to defend my clients at trial. More importantly, if a matter needs special or immediate attention, I have been able to speak directly with the owner, John Markley and he has on several occasions done whatever was necessary to accommodate me. I highly recommend Markley Investigations.

Attorney  Robert Fagan, Freeport, IL

I’m very impressed with your work.

Attorney Stephen J. Eisenberg, Madison, WI

Our firm has worked with Markley Investigations in family cases over a number of years with great results. John Markley has demonstrated the competence and professionalism that we expect and rely upon. Markley has the proven ability to work through complicated situations and focus on the pertinent facts. We have found Markley’s written reports to be thorough and clear. Markley has also provided us with written views as to the potential strengths and/or weaknesses of potential witnesses on request. We strongly recommend Markley Investigations.

Wessel Lehker & Fumelle Inc., Madison, WI

I highly recommend Markley Investigations for service of process in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.  Markley provides prompt and professional service and will work diligently to accomplish service on the designated person in even the most difficult circumstances.

Attorney Michael E. Grubb, Janesville, WI          

I have worked with and against John Markley for 19 years in my capacity as an attorney.  I have been very impressed with John’s professionalism, expertise, work ethic, and intelligence as a detective with the Beloit Police Department and now as a private investigator.  My firm utilizes Markley Investigations for service of process in both Illinois and Wisconsin.  The real value of Markley Investigations, however, is their performance in investigating cases.  I have hired Markley Investigations to work on cases from homicide to juvenile delinquency matters including armed robbery and drunk driving cases.  We have asked Markley Investigations to obtain witness statements, make videos of crime scenes and even come up with potential defenses.  We have been very pleased with the results of the services received and the speed of the investigations.  I recommend that any attorney needing investigative services hire Markley Investigations.

Attorney Jeff Livingston, Beloit, WI

I’ve used John Markley as our firm’s primary investigator for the past three years.  John’s investigations have been instrumental in both trial wins and negotiating wonderful settlements for our clients.  He has my highest recommendation.

Attorney Tracy Wood, Madison, WI

I like to use Markley Investigations, Inc. for service of my legal documents for several reasons.  First, they are very prompt with their services.  Most of the time they obtain service within a few days.  Second, they are very competent.  They keep attempting service until they obtain service, and there is a flat fee charge.  They do not charge for every attempt they make, which is extremely appealing for me as this keeps my costs down.  Finally, they have contacts throughout the area and for out-of-the-area service, they make the arrangements to obtain a reliable person to serve the documents which saves me valuable time and effort.  I would definitely recommend Markley Investigations, Inc.


Attorney Daniel R. Bartholf, Monroe, WI

In over 20 years at practice, my office has used a number of different private investigators. The team at Markley Investigations is stellar in comparison to the rest; they are prompt, dependable, ready to call if a question comes up and thoroughly responsive to the needs of my office. Having offices in Wisconsin and Illinois provides a greater breadth of both investigative knowledge and service. I would not hesitate recommending them to others - - in fact, I have!

Attorney James C. Thompson, Rockford, IL

I live out of the area in Atlanta, GA. We needed some investigative work done for our daughter in the Chicago western suburbs. Our attorney there, in spite of the many investigative firms in the vicinity, recommended John Markley and Markley Investigations. We were thrilled with that recommendation. John worked very closely with us to understand our needs, the team performed flawlessly, and we had the evidence/information necessary to move forward with our case. We would certainly use John and Markley Investigations again for any further needs in the broader Chicago/Northwest Illinois/Wisconsin area.

Bruce Zorich, Alpharetta, GA 30005

You guys are doing awesome.

Jeffery Sieg, Enforcement Manager

Wood County Child Support, Wood County, WI

Based on a 36 year professional association, I can easily say the words credibility, integrity and dependability are synonymous with John Markley.

Retired Chief Larry Schultz, South Beloit Police Department, IL & Retired Chief Deputy Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department IL

Throughout the time I have worked with John Markley and now Shawn, their work has always been prompt, efficient and accurate. On many occasions they have gone out of their way to help us handle extraordinary situations. If they are not able to handle a matter, they have always been able to help me find someone who can. I have worked with them for some time and will continue to do so.

Attorney Joe Polito, Rockford, IL

I am impressed. The effort that you put into serving the papers in this matter was above and beyond the call of duty. I intend to use your services in the future. Thank you again.

Attorney Paul F. Angel, Dodgeville, WI

John has the ability, likely a result of previous law enforcement experience, to quickly and efficiently gather the information requested. I would recommend his firm before any other that I have had opportunity to utilize.

Attorney Jonas Bednarek, Madison, WI

Thank you so very much for all the extra you and your personnel do to help get these accounts collected. Don’t know if we say it often enough, but you are VERY much appreciated.

Bonnie Shourek, BSLBV LLP, Rockford, IL

We wanted to thank you for the excellent work you did for us. I was actually disappointed we didn’t use the footage for the case, but I’m sure just knowing we had something made things work in our favor.

Kim & Terry, Madison, WI

Markley Investigation worked a complicated assault case with my office. The tenacity John and Shawn showed in finding and interviewing witnesses was most effective, not to say impressive. Their investigative reports were thorough, timely and incisive. I knew they had done a great job when the DA complained that his witnesses found the Markley team hard to avoid.

Attorney Frank Medina, Madison, WI

The reasons our office uses the services of Markley Investigations is because they are prompt in response and thorough in their work. Their service is excellent.

Attorney Robert D. Junig, Beloit, WI

Markley Investigations investigators are thorough, efficient and persistent.

Attorney Jack Hoag, Janesville, WI

Markley Investigations did outstanding work.  John was readily available to perform interviews, his record requests were thorough, and he was committed to doing the job well.  I've worked with a number of different investigators, and none have been as professional, quick, and complete as John was. The investigative reports were detail-oriented, clear, and useful.  I won't use anyone else in the future.

Attorney Jessa Nicholson, Madison, WI

Very impressed with your service!

Marcus Lewis, Oswego, IL

We are so glad we found out about John Markley and his investigation team.   We were so pleased with the professional manner that he listened to our situation and then through his quick action we had a video proving our case within two weeks of meeting John. John was also available for each of our court dates.  Having him there with us made us all feel confident that we would win our case - and we did. Thank you John and  Sandy and all your team for your help.

Kirk, Rhonda and  Erik Douglas, Kirk Douglas Construction, LLC, Clinton, WI

Thanks for your speedy service. I wish every process server was as good as you. At the hearing this morning, my clients were granted custody and the delivery of the boys was peaceful.

Attorney Corinne B. Cannon, Clemson, SC

.....I was very pleased with all of the work you did on this case.

Attorney Thomas A. Kolpien, Beloit, WI

We want to say thank you for your assistance and let you know how pleased we are with the outstanding service you have given us and we look forward to working with you again.

Attorney Tearman Spencer, Milwaukee, WI

Thank you! You guys are wonderful!

Corkie Boenzi, MacCloskey, Kessler & Associates, LLP, Rockford, IL

Thank you very much for all your efforts in getting him served. Wow!!

Debbie M. Harris, BSLBV LLP, Rockford, IL

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job in regard to this matter. My client and I are extremely grateful for your hard work and excellent timing. Please know that I am going to be using Markley exclusively moving forward regarding such matters.

Attorney Michael Myzia, Rockford, IL